The third day of the festival


6pm – Tim Hodgkinson: Music and the Myth of Wholeness – talk led by Robert Barry @ Theatre &TD caffe bar (50′)

7pm – Alvin Lucier: Vespers – performed by OZAFIN ALU students @ French Pavilion (15′)

7,30pm – Ivan Marušić Klif: Everything starts somewhere… – audiovisual performance @ SEK hall (45′)

8,30pm – Black Page Orchestra (program: Glojnarić, Ivičević, Kranebitter, Muntendorf, Schubert) @ MM Centre (60′)

10pm – Diego Espinosa: Items, Machines and the Performing Body as Instruments (program: Applebaum, Espinosa, Lach, Morales Murguia, Schwitters, Veličković) @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (60′)

11,30pm – Fred Frith & Tim Hodgkinson @ French Pavilion (50′)

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