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„Music Showroom has this neo-modernist nerve and integrity of art promoter, which in this time of faded and indifferent middle-class conditions of city’s music scene comes as an enormous capital“ Branimira Lazarin, Novosti

„this is one thing that doesn’t change for the worse but finally becomes a hole filler, the thing that slowly legitimizes Zagreb as the world center for contemporary music, and that is something that Zagreb wasn’t since 1995 on, I have to admit“ Academician Nikša Gligo

„Especially valuable aspect of Showroom of Contemporary Sound is its enticing of dialogue – not only metaphorical but literal – among „producers“ of music (with deliberately annulled division between „academic“ and „non-academic“ music) and among their „consumers“ and between the two… with closeness of the performers and audience in the performing places, and their literal socializing in formal and informal contexts in Teatar &TD caffee. „ Trpimir Matasović, Zarez

„… the audience (as one of the strongest assets of this festival!) was really benevolent, and it seems that her sympathies – completely deserved – were won by two research projects that came out of Showcases’ workshops…“ Trpimir Matasović,Zarez

„conceptually, it is alternative“… „I’m very pleased with the audience here“ Academician Nikša Gligo

„But the biggest and most positive surprize comes from the collaboration with Showcases’ biggest rival – Music Biennale Zagreb – on guest performance by John Tilbury. Although the collaboration is not the first of this type, it seems that the leadership of MBZ sees the potential in it, and not from the sheer courtesy or protocol measures. And that is the indicator that in its second edition Showcase of Contemporary sound already managed to do what started with its first edition – to become a quality and authentic event which won’t become a one time thing but respectable and unavoidable and (on all levels) desirable phenomenon in Zagreb music scene“ Trpimir Matasović, Zarez

„The program, energy and atmosphere  are three strong arguments which Davorka Begović, the art manager of SC’s Music Showcase, uses to invite audience to Showcases’ second edition. From 7th to 10th May, Student centre Zagreb will become the place of presenting sound and sound associated sensations and wonders.“ Branimir Pofuk, Večernji list