izlog 2016


4th Showroom – The New Track of the Soundtrack

The Showroom are the musicians, musical explorers, sound artists, composers and performers; honest in endeavours, relentless in attempts, creative in processes, open in the approach, curious and ready for challenges. Artists who turn limits into possibilities. Exactly those kind of participants make it possible to direct the annual spring gathering firstly to the exploration, process and development, giving preference to the music scene and community rather than merely following rules of the music industry.

The Showroom is common energy and effort, a striving we share with friends and partners in encouraging collaborations and dialogue. The Showroom is an attempt of ignoring the limits between genres, encouraging creativity and critical, but open approach that tends to appreciate differences.

The Showroom is a search for new understandings and sound experiences or a common enjoyment in those we already know.

The Showroom is the interested, engaged and constructively critical audience.

The Showroom is one of the possible views on our social and cultural context.

The Showroom is a journey, and the story of this year’s Showroom trip to the Spatial Sound Institute 4DSOUND, as well as the whole Festival program follows soon.

We hope that the 4th edition of the Showroom of Contemporary Sound enrichens and inspires you. Enjoy!