6pm – OZAFIN ALU presents: Roko Crnić: Chair, Table and Stool (1st part) @ Carpenter’s Workshop in SC (20′)

7pm – OZAFIN ALU presents: Roko Crnić: Chair, Table and Stool (2nd part) @ SEK hall (20′)

OZAFIN ALU presents

Department of Animation and New Media (abbr.: OZAFIN) of the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU)  in Zagreb is unique in their simultaneous work in classical animation, contemporary, multidisciplinary and social artistic practices. OZAFIN is unique, both as the only study of fine arts that offers as a part of their BA studies classes that focus on sound, and so the students get to know the experimental work of the old masters like Alvin Lucier or Meredith Monk, as well as contemporary practices and theories about sound, at the same time developing and creating their own sound art pieces. In collaboration with Nicole Hewitt and Ana Hušman, this year’s Showroom presents a tiny piece of what is done as a part of the studies at the OZAFIN ALU.

Telefon, Karlo Metličić

Telefon, Karlo Metličić

Karlo Pavičić Ravlić: Media telephone

Karlo’s telephone rings when you get close to it. While picking up the phone, you can only hear one side of the conversation: the person tells You about their problem and You are the collocutor. The telephone has several different audio files that play randomly when picking up the phone. Some conversations were recorded by Karlo and part of the recordings was provided by his colleagues and he implemented them. Karlo is a second year BA student at the Department of Animation and New Media.


Alvin Lucier: Vespers (1969)

My work was about revealing things, discovering things. It’s more interesting to me to discover something in the act of composition than in deciding beforehand and make it happen. I think that it’s one of the descriptions of experimental music. Not that you don’t know what you’re doing, certainly… A. Lucier

As a part of their study programme of the second year, students at the OZAFIN ALU study and perform the cult piece of experimental music, I am sitting in a room by Alvin Lucier, that we had a chance to hear at the last year’s Showroom, at the French Pavilion. Specific acoustics of the French Pavilion, importance and influence of Lucier’s work in the field of experimental music (and wider), his exploratory approach, at the same time simple and genius ideas, pioneering, working with perception of hearing, the use of acoustics and space frequencies as well as natural characteristics of the sound wave in music pieces,… all these will yet another time serve as the reason to perform another Lucier’s piece. It will be performed at the French Pavilion by the OZAFIN ALU students, and we will hear it as a part of the project More Light.

Roko Crnić: Stolac, stol i stolica

1st part at Carpenter’s Workshop performed by Roko Crnić, Miro Manojlović, Dragan Pavlić

2nd part in the SEK hall performed by Juraj Borić, Roko Crnić, Miro Manojlović, Ivan Marincel

Roko Crnić: Chair, Table and Stool

The performance Chair, Table and Stool explores relationship between the immaterial artistic piece and concrete material practices of skills and knowledge and their perceptions. Prior to the performance, the artist collaborated with a carpenter who made the chair, table and stool that are being used by the artist during the performance. Together with the musicians, he explores different readings of the roles of the stool and a music instrument, musician and the carpenter, sitting and playing.

By confronting the two practices (playing and carpenting) that, each in their own respectful way, can be characterized as performance, I take interest in differences in their social positioning, as well as the fact that a live music performance finds its meaning in the exact moment of its realisation, while carpenter’s performance in a capitalistic society doesn’t depend on public visibility while it happens. On the contrary, it meets its social function only through a realisation of a finished product that is then included in the processes of the market exchange. Roko Crnić

Roko Crnić recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. As a musician he took part in different projects of the Zagreb musical improvisation scene (Prepared Orchestra) and with bands Porto Morto and Franz Kafka Ensemble.