Ivan Marusic Klif: Everything starts somewhere…



6pm – Ivan Marušić Klif: Everything starts somewhere… – lecture @ SEK hall (60′)


7,30pm – Ivan Marušić Klif: Everything starts somewhere… – audiovisual performance @ SEK hall (45′)

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Ivan Marušić Klif

Motivation for this work comes from two sides: on the one side, the fascination with texture of the image created on analogue oscilloscope, and on the other hand, a strong inner need to create material using the space on the scene, my body and voice. This fact has, during my work, literally materialized in the way that the performance is split in two isolated wholes: lecture about the image’s projection on the oscilloscope, and the second part where this same mechanism is used for an AV performance. During the first part, in a form of a lecture I explain how the image on the oscilloscope is formed; the notion of electronic signal that has no definition in itself, but can be an image and sound at the same time; the way the Rutt/Etra video synthesizer functions; written vector shapes and their manipulation. In the second part these same principles are implemented in the performance where the image and sound are formed live on the scene, using parts of the text from the lecture and observations of a very wide spectrum. Ivan Marušić Klif

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Ivan Marušić Klif

Ivan Marušić Klif is one of the most intriguing Croatian multimedia artists who lays the grounds of his artistic expression on implementation of technology for artistic purposes. During the past 20 year he presented a number of performances, multimedia installations and improvised music concerts. Aside from long term work on the field of fine arts and new media, Klif is also active as a musician and music producer, making film music and music for performances, theatre and dance productions. He was awarded Vladimir Nazor Award for his site specific installation Lambda.