More Light



8pm More light program: Ivičević, Lucier, Morales Murguia, Wettl || performers: Lightune.G, Farszky, Konfic, Pinjušić Bužančić, Sinković @ Theatre &TD big hall (50′)

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More light

Can you hear all these lights around you? Lightune.G

With a starting point in the work of luminoacoustic duo Lightune.G (Bojan Gagić and Miodrag Gladović), a new research of the relation between sound and light gathered a diverse group of musicians and composers of different music language, but who share the same curiosity and passion for contemporary expression and a common urge for new understandings and experiences through an untrammelled artistic exploration. Exchange of knowledge and ideas, common reflection, communication. So necessary for progress and development of the musical thought, the artistic residency More Light has the experiment and dialogue, exploring and process in its focus.

The usage of sound and its echo for spatial orientation in environment where light is absent, that is the core of Lucier’s Vespers. His piece is based on the book Listening in the Dark by Donald R. Griffin, that talks about acoustic orientation by animals and men. Alvin Lucier considers it to be a “communication piece” as well, stressing that it is the particular room where the performance is taking place the one that communicates and sends the information to the performers and the audience. Apart from More Light, Lucier’s Vespers will also be performed at the acoustically specific space of the French Pavilion, performed by the students of the Department for Animated Film and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

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More light

for any number of players who would like to pay their respect to all living creatures who inhabit dark places and who, over the years, have developed acuity in the art of echolocation i.e., sounds used as messengers which, when sent out into environment, return as echoes carrying information as to the shape, size, and substance of that environment and the objects in it. (from the score Vespers)

As one of the five composers nominated for the Gaudeamus Award in 2015, Mátyás Wettl chose a realitevy simple approach of combining light and sound in his Nocturne for 16 light switches and 16 lamps. At the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in 2015, Wettl’s Nocturne was premiered by the residential ensemble of the last year’s Festival edition, Dutch ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag, who are also partners of this residence of the Music Showroom.

After a number of independent luminoacoustic projects, musicians and composers Bojan Gagić and Miodrag GladovićLightune.G, started a collaboration with composers Hugo Morales Murguia and Mirela Ivičević, expanding the possibilities of usage of solar panels together. Result of the first phase of their collaboration that will be presented at the concert titled More Light is only a beginning or part of the process they intend to continue, encouraged by the ideas that sprung up during their work together.

vise svjetla

More light

With the new instrument made by Lightune.G, the sound is not only non-separable from the visuality of its source, but even more, the uniqueness of the source not only represents the challenge but also opens new possibilities in compositional process. Mirela Ivičević

Light as an instrument for the sonic articulation of bodies within a given space is the base of an ongoing collaborative process between Lightune.G and myself. In Faro the radial relationship between light source and body is acoustically mapped in a linear development of sequential altering patterns, a study on the results of a brief residency focused on technique, design and performance. Hugo Morales Murguia

Having light as an essential part of the instruments makes us more sensitive to different kind of playing and exploring new techniques while experimenting with composers on new pieces and making already written music opens up a new dimension what sound is and how percussive art expands to different areas. Kaja Farszky

My work was about revealing things, discovering things. It’s more interesting to me to discover something in the act of composition than in deciding beforehand and make it happen. I think that it’s one of the descriptions of experimental music. Not that you don’t know what you’re doing, certainly…Alvin Lucier


Alvin Lucier: Vespers (1969)

Performers: Kaja Farszky, Bojan Gagić, Miodrag Gladović

Mátyás Wettl: Nocturne (2015)

Performers: Kaja Farszky, Josip Konfic, Ivana Pinjušić Bužančić, Nicolas Sinković

Mirela Ivičević: …it bangs, it melts, it burns, it grows, it… (2016)

Performers: Kaja Farszky, Bojan Gagić, Miodrag Gladović

Hugo Morales Murguia: Faro (2016)

Performers: Kaja Farszky, Josip Konfic, Ivana Pinjušić Bužančić, Nicolas Sinković

Project was made in collaboration with the Dutch ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag.