Maja Osojnik & Patrick Wurzwallner aka ZSAMM


9,15pm – Maja Osojnik & Patrick Wurzwallner aka ZSAMM: Let Them Grow @ MM Centre (50′)



Let Them Grow Tour

An anthroposophical striptease of the soul, between dystopian chansons, primordial mantras and musique concrète.

Maja Osojnik – vocals, live sampling, dj-cd player and other lo-fi electronics

Patrick Wurzwallner – drums

In this programme present Maja Osojnik and Patrick Wurzwallner the new arrangements of the songs which were released on Maja’s new solo album Let Them Grow in February 2016. On her first solo production Maja Osojnik combines with unparalleled nimbleness her seeking penchant for song schemes, experimental and new music as well as improvisation.

Let Them Grow is the product of a retreat, an introspection, a re-alignment. Osojnik asks about the self, asks whether it is possible—beyond the fundamental impossibility—to be understood. She asks about the things people do when they love others and about the things they suppress. What does it mean to live an emancipated life today? In this very personal album, Osojnik examines the strange phenomena of contemporary interpersonal relations, with songs that range from dirty to soft, sensual, dazed, complex, cold, spherical, poignant, and feminine.

One of the most diverse and thrilling leftfield albums of the year 2016 so far. Intense, demanding and defo one to add to your collection for a reason. Nitestylez (March 2016)

Let Them Grow is not easy listening; it’s spiky and lyrical, with brilliantly dark instrumentals containing all manner of sounds absorbed from various sonic avant-garde movements but channelled into a distinctive, personal vision… amazing album….. Robin Tomens, includemeout2 (January 2016)


Maja Osojnik photo by Rania Moslam