Hrvoje Hirsl: Resonance ( The bell)


8pm – Hrvoje Hiršl: Resonance (The Bell) – performance @ SEK hall (30′)


Resonance (The Bell)

Resonance (The Bell) is a sound installation that problematizes the relationship between an object, space and the audience. The resonant frequency of a pipe placed in the middle of the room is 110 Hz. Audio loudspeaker in the center of the steel pipe continually reproduces a 110Hz tone that stimulates the pipe to vibrate and produce its own tone. Vibrations of the pipe are interacting with the space, causing a sound reflection and changes in tone, depending on the visitor’s position in space.

During the exhibition, Hiršl explores and expands his work, adding the performer as a mediator between the object, performance space and the audience. The result will be available to hear at the closing, in a form of live performance. The framework of this performance is a search for sounds that stimulate the object and interferences in space that are a result of changes in amplitudes.


Hrvoje Hirsl

Hrvoje Hiršl is an artist, explorer and a designer. His artistic projects are on the verge of contemporary and media arts, with main topics revolving around materiality of the artistic object, deconstruction of its aura, borders of the system and, finally, more complex systems and cybernetics as well as the affect it had on artistic movements that evolved in the 1950s and 60s, such as minimalism and conceptual art.

Recording (ELECTROPIA, Mo.ë, Vienna, Austria, 31/5/2015)