MMessy Oscillators 2.0: Soundtrack for Deep Space



11,59pm – MMessy Oscillators 2.0 @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (45′)

MMessy Oscillators 2.0

After having performed for years in a large ensemble and experimenting with sound, MMessy Oscillators come back to the Showroom of Contemporary Sound with a new hybrid sound and approach, as MMessy Oscillators 2.0. Lately they have been working extensively with dancers and performing during film screenings, something that resulted in studying the structure of musical composition, whilst not giving up on previous experimental and improvisational components, as well as electroacoustic sounds.

In Soundtrack for Deep Space they combine elements of abstract ambiental sound, electroacoustic moments, post-rock elements that are a result of a granular synthesis expressed through subtle minimalism. Drone as the main artery slowly enters the hearing focus and remains as a massive soundscape in the background, providing with its deep pulse a continuity for an eruption of noise electronics.

Soundtrack for Deep Space is inspired by a parallel piece for the exhibition Science Fiction: New Synthetic Worlds of that will be displayed at the Technical Museum during 2016. Together with the engineers of electronics, members of the group have designed and invented new digital, analogue and acoustic instruments, as well as visuals and installations. Part of these instruments and installations will be used at the performance.

MMessy Oscillators 2.0 are: Ana Horvat, Deborah Hustić, Layla Munitić on sound and Dražen Hižak on visuals.


MMessy Oscillators 2.0