Showroom is taking you to a trip to Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest!

Towards the upcoming Showroom of Contemporary Sound, an international festival of the contemporary music that will be held from 4th to 7th of May 2016 at Student centre Zagreb, Music Showroom (Culture of Change, Student centre Zagreb) has prepared an awesome warm up program!

Energetic French jazz trio The Drops, sound installation Rezonanca (Zvono) by artist Hrvoje Hiršl, a premiere performance by research duo Anthea Caddy and Miodrag Gladović at French pavilion, concert by avant-garde duo – the„This year Showroom is taking you to a fieldtrip to trumpeter Franz Hautzinger and an outstanding vocalist Isabelle Duthoit, a lecture by music critic Robert Barry (The Wire, The Quietus, Frize)… the program that will be the best intro to 4th Showroom’s edition. A special surprise for Showroom’s audience comes as an announcement from the Music Showroom host, Davorka Begović:

After four days of enjoying the contemporary sound together at Student centre, a day later, on Sunday 8th of May, we are taking you to Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, new centre for research and development in the field of spatial sound. It is open and permanently set in Budapest few months back and it has been founded by a collective of engineers, researchers and artists 4DSOUND, which since 2008 continuously work on the development of space and sound technology. Production and reproduction of sound using hardware and software has changed our sound and space-sound perception, and that is why the potential and influence of this system some compare to the invention of the sound system. Also, our partners from 4DSOUND have recognized the work of multimedia artist Davor Sanvincenti, who is momentarily at the institute on a three week residence; and his work we will see and hear during the trip!

Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest

In order to visit Spatial Sound institute in Budapest, The Showroom of Contemporary sound organized a transportation from Zagreb to Budapest. For travelling with us you have to participate in travel costs ( 100 kn). You can buy tickets at Theatre &TD’s box office, Student Centre, address: Savska cesta 25, 10 000 Zagreb, from 11am-1 pm and 6-8 pm. During the festival, box office will work from 7-10,30 pm. The departure is set for 8th of May at 9am from Student centre (Savska 25), and planned return to Zagreb is around 10pm the same day.

All info:

No additional entrance fee.

Who is warming us up for the upcoming Showroom?

Contemporary jazz expression under the influence of rock and pop is the base of the French musical trio The Drops, which will share their energy with us on 25th of April at Semicircual hall of &TD at 9pm. Ticket fee: 30kn.

The Drops
The Drops

Artist, researcher and designer Hrvoje Hiršl will present us Rezonanca (Zvono) from 28th of April at SEK hall of Theatre &TD, a sound installation that problematizes a relationship between the object, the space and audience. Hrvoje is presenting it in Croatia for the first time. The opening is set for 7pm, and the installation can be visited until 4th of May when Hrvoje will have a live performance in interaction with Rezonanca. Entrance is free and the working hours when you can visit the installation find at

Resonance (The-bell)

On the same night at 9pm a cello player, improviser and sound artist Anthea Caddy and an engineer, inventor and musician Miodrag Gladovic will have their performance at French pavilion. The concert is a result of three week long electro-acoustical and space-acoustical research they have conducted together. Residence is put in acoustically specific situation of French pavilion in which the cello is sounded by accelerometer to transmit the vibration of the cello to a number of vibrational/resonant elements in the room. Entrance is free.

Anthea Caddy & Miodrag Gladovic

And the concert of the must see figure of world avant-garde scene, the trumpeter Franz Hautzinger and the outstanding vocalist and clarinetist Isabelle Duthoit is set for 3rd of May at Semicircular hall of Theatre &TD, entrance is free. This concert is a result of a long-standing collaboration with our friends from Multimedijalni institut MaMa.

Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger
Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger

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