Robert Barry – lectures & workshop

Robert Barry

Robert Barry

Robert Barry – lectures and workshop

Monday, May 2, at 7pm

Lecture: How To Write About Contemporary Music (Without Boring Your Readers) @ Academy of Music, Stančić hall (4th floor, room no. 439)

Since getting a review published in a magazine called Making Music at the age of 16, Robert Barry has been writing about music for almost twenty years. How to write a pitch, how to get published, how to structure a review, an interview, or an opinion piece, and most important of all, how to make people want to read what you’ve written. These and other questions will be addressed with examples and practical advice.

Tuesday, May 3, at 6pm

Lecture: The Future Of Music: How Criticism Changed Music – And Why It Needs To Change It Again @ Academy of Music, Huml hall (4th floor, room no. 438)

It is often presumed that critics merely comment from the sidelines without ever really changing music itself. History proves otherwise. Drawing on two forthcoming books, his own The Music of the Future and The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online, a volume of essays which he will be editing with Houman Barekat, Robert Barry will discuss the changing role of music criticism from the 18th century to the present, with a focus on the transformative powers of the printed word and the drive to produce new sounds and new ways of making music.

Robert Barry is a freelance writer and composer based in London. He is a regular contributor to Frieze, The Wire, Art Review, Fact and Thump. Since 2015 he has edited the contemporary art section of The Quietus. His first book, Music in Text, a collection of prose scores for mixed ensembles, was released in 2014 by the Swedish small press publisher BCNVT. His second book, The Music of the Future, will be forthcoming from Repeater Books in 2017. He is also working on an edited volume of essays about criticism in the digital age for O/R Books, expected towards the end of 2016. Since spring 2015 he has also curated a series of experimental music and live art events under the name Zero Wave.

Along with the lectures that will be held before the official start of the Showroom, that are organized in collaboration with the Musicology department of the Academy of Music in Zagreb, this year’s festival guest Robert Barry will lead the active part of the workshop: feedback session for interested writers about music. We invite you to follow the Festival program and choose what you want to write about and in which form. It could be one or several concerts, the entire festival, artistic work of one of this year’s guests, Croatian contemporary music scene, … Robert Barry will give each of the participants a separate feedback on their text(s) at the closing feedback session that will take place on Monday, May 9, from 11am till 2pm at the SEK hall of the Theatre &TD. The workshop is open and intended equally for experienced music writers and critics, as well as to those who would like to try writing about contemporary music. If you would like to take part actively, please apply by writing to latest until May 4.
Entrance to the lectures is free for everyone, regardless whether you take part in the active program.

Programme in collaboration with Musicology Department of the Academy of Music in Zagreb.