Digital Rendez-vous presents the artistic duo Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt


MAIN PROGRAM | May 4 – May 8
permanent exhibitions:

 Digital Rendez-vous presents: Scenocosme: Acousmaflore – interactive audiovisual installation @ Theatre &TD atrium


8pm – Digital Rendez-vous presents: Scenocosme: La Maison Sensible + Metamorphy – opening – interactive audiovisual installations @ Gallery SC (till the end of Showroom)

In order to celebrate publishing of the catalogue of events that took place during 6 months in 2015, partners of the Festival of France in Croatia Rendez-vous, in collaboration with the Showroom of Contemporary Sound and Zagreb Academy of Music, invited the French artistic duo Scenocosme who will present four interactive sound installations. The artistic work of the Scenocosme Duo, comprised of French artists Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt, encompasses different forms and expressions: interactive installations, group performances, work in the field of visual and digital art, sound art etc. Apart from the use of different technologies in creating, Scenocosme uses possible hybrid technologies and live elements to create their own poetic artistic language. Interaction is the focal point of their actions, so the piece exists and changes through physical and social relations, actions and audience’s reactions.



Interactive sound installation Akousmaflore is a garden made of musical plants that react to human touch, so they need to be touched in order to create sound. In the interactive audiovisual installation Metamorphy real reflections and virtual images are interlocked, thus creating an illusion of distorted reality. An elastic and semitransparent fabric react again to the human interaction – a touch or push, physically changing their shape and at the same time generating visual and sound content. La Maison Sensible enhances the physical space of Gallery SC as well as the relationship between the audience and the surround. Discreet sensors turn walls, floor and furniture into a sensible and sensitive reactive interface.

La maison sensible

May 5 – 7 @ Music Academy

Experience of a light-sound installation Urban Lights Contacts in front of the new building of the Zagreb Academy of Music is possible with an interaction by two or more people whose bodies become generators of sound through their mutual bodily interaction, but also the touch of a small shiny ball. The energetic fields of the participants are heard through mutual skin contact.

Urban Light Contacts

We compare our artistic intentions with technological experiments that open up unexpacted paths.