Pajo’s Sound Tracks and Music of the Universe


MAIN PROGRAM | May 4 – May 8
permanent exhibitions:

Pajo’s Sound Tracks and Music of the Universe (introduction to Dragan Pajić Pajo’s archive) @ Theatre &TD caffe bar

Dragan Pajić Pajo

Dragan Pajić Pajo

40 years of improvisational and experimental scene pioneer’s activity – not a small thing.

It’s hard to imagine a situation where Dragan Pajić Pajo appears without getting noticed.

Uncompromised critic with an amazing sense of humour and endless energy who used to put smile on people’s faces with his sharp and funny remarks, at the same time putting them in a situation of questioning their attitudes related mostly to art, culture or moral in general. That is perhaps the biggest reason why some accepted him wholeheartedly, while others couldn’t stand him. Pajo was not a part of the mainstream civil or uncivilized society… and he was a great fan of Monty Python.

Music was his means of expression, starting with the rock band Bordel, continuing later with expressionistic Cul-De-Sac, all the way to electronic and experimental phase when he collaborated with a number of musicians, continuing later in the direction of electroacoustic experiments: as a part of the Orchestra for Accelerated Evolution and as a soloist. Unconcerned about different styles, Pajo’s main field was improvisation.

Dragan Pajić Pajo

Dragan Pajić Pajo

I’ve realized I fabulously can’t play the guitar.

Jesus is great, Allah is great, Buddha is great, but Belastingdienst (Tax Office) is the greatest.

Right, from now on, I play the plectrum!

Dragan Pajić Pajo (1956 – 2014)

Pajo’s extraordinary contribution to Zagreb’s improvisational and experimental underground scene is immeasurable. But, what can be measured is the great archive material he left on magnetophone and audio tapes, mini discs, CDs, video tapes, photos and other type of documentation. Pajo’s friends and colleagues intend to digitalize and archive the material in full, thus making it accessible for future research and enjoyment. The heads of this project are also active contributers to the contemporary music scene, Damir Prica Kafka, Ivan Marušić Klif and Višeslav Laboš. At the Showroom of Contemporary Sound they will present the entire project and further plans, and present the audience with the archive through a selection of exemplary material that covers the period of 30 years.

Digitalization and scanning: Damir Prica Kafka

Digitalization and processing of the video material: Ivan Marušić Klif

Digitalization, sound restoration and mastering: Višeslav Laboš