Explicit Music presents: Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger



May 3 at 9pm – Explicit Music presents: Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (40′)

Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger

Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger

Franz Hautzinger (1963) is certainly ineluctable part of the avant-garde art scene today. A definite turning point in his career was the album Gomberg (2000) for quarter tone trumpet that conquered new sound horizons of the instrument. He worked with Kenny Wheeler, John Russel, Steve Noble, Derek Bailey, Fennesz, Otomo Yoshihide etc. Hautzinger demonstrated that in the times when the postmodern has been placed in archives, it is still possible to invent a new instrumental sound. In this case, that of a trumpet. After her classical studies and performances in an array of ensembles, Isabelle Duthoit (1970) found her place in the field of experimental music. Clarinet player by vocation, she is also an excellent singer who constantly questions the boundaries of vocal possibilities in a number of music, theatre and audio-visual projects.

The concert is organized in collaboration with the Multimedia institute MaMa.